DNLD DApp, A decentralised application operating autonomously through smart contracts. This includes 10 blockchains or other distributed ledger systems. Users can access their portfolio catalog through the DNLD DApp.

Launched in 2023 by the AUX Digital Network. DNLD DApp enables users to exchange tokens that represent NFT assets in their portfolio (catalog). Owned by the creators who mint them. DNLD distributes NFT tokens to system users who wish to purchase the assets. The application is decentralised and users can list for sale their assets on DNLD and/or Open Sea.

Current distributed chains include Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, Optimism, Zora, BNB smart chain, Avalanche, Base, and Linea. Among other public blockchains, these are the ones on which DNLD is built.

DNLD DApp is a media-based exchange, with a focus on music & video promotion. Including its gratis 3 Dot download policy for most desktop browsers.

Advanced Usage

Use your listings to market and promote audio singles, videos and artwork. Run campaigns on social networks or leverage an online service like Linktree. These advanced uses are designed to help you expand your reach and gain more attention for your audio singles and artwork. By launching campaigns on networks or using an online service, you can create more visibility for your music and increase your chances of selling rare singles.

Mint a collection and name it the single off your upcoming album. Drop your vocal and instrumental tracks a few weeks apart. Give your loyal fans the first chance to hear and download the song. Depending on your fanbase size, and how much you list the single for. There's a good chance you'll earn some money.

DNLD is a direct way, without third-parties for artists to sell their works. Additionally, DNLD is a cost-effective way to release your music, as you have full control over the price and where the music comes from. A clearly authentic, transparent and direct way to transact. DNLD is therefore a reliable and efficient way for artists to market, promote and sell their music direct-to-fans.

In brief:

DNLD DApp runs on Reservior's open-source cart system. With multi-blockchain access from Alchemy. Autonomously acting without a centralised entity controlling the majority of the application’s assets, DNLD DApp is a public, decentralised application keeping a cryptographic record of data, information and transactions. DNLD DApp runs on open-source code.


DNLD DApp is classified as a Creations & Collections Catalog for Marketing and Promotions. Based on its ability to play audio and video provided by creators. Operating and compiling media from several blockchains.

Smart contracts:

Creators, fans and collectors can search for assets by smart contract addresses or wallet addresses of contract owners (creators). There is no sign-up needed to get started. Simply connect your wallet that houses your smart contract. Click on the user icon and find your assets. You can also search for recent activities and use the smart contract address to pull up your portfolio's catalog.

DNLD allows creators to manage data on the block chain and execute operations. Multiple smart contracts can be managed by simply navigating to the contract address or changing your wallet associated with the contract. DNLD DApp can handle complex operations like currency conversion (wrapping), listing NFTs for sale, listing length, and cancelling listings.

DNLD DApp incurs gas, that is the fees paid by block chain validators due to the cost of deploying and executing tasks. Gas is set and required by particular block chain administrators, not DNLD.

For a quick start, if your contract was deployed on Polygon, select Polygon from the search menu. Type in the contract name or the contract hash (address).


Utilizing DNLD DApp as proof-of-work, paupers' copyright or as music and video promotion are examples of how it can be used. Blind exchanges include offering fans exclusive music or videos as part of album launches. It can also be used to reward fans, such as providing access to exclusive content or discounts. DNLD DApp can also be used to sell tickets and merchandise to fans, as well as to create unique experiences for artists and their fans.

DNLD DApp distributes block chain tokens (NFTs). DNLD does not mine, fund-raise or develop for users.


DNLD DApps backend code runs on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. DNLD DApps frontend provides a friendly English user interface.

DNLD DApp DeFi cart system and exchange runs on Reservior. DNLD does not charge marketplace fees. Any fees will be incurred from block chain or network-based transfers.

The performance of a DNLD DApp is increasing by reducing latency (lag) with each transaction. To participate, transact or exchange on DNLD, users need an Internet connection.

Low transaction costs make DNLD a mean-free method for exchanging and performing catalog functions on your chosen block chain. Transactions on DNLD make up a small market segment for lesser demand. This reduces transaction costs on the block chain for the service.


As DNLD DApp achieves wide adoption, you may see costs rise. DNLD is an excellent primer for beginners who want to distinguish between minting and trading activities. With an audio and video niche, DNLD is a convenient market-place capable of performing like other DApps on the market. Includes bidding on NFT assets and currency conversion (wrapping). You can change or cancel your offer without charge on DNLD.

DNLD DApp was launched in 2023, and is currently in its founding stage. NFT marketplaces are about function. DNLD DApp is a secure low-key marketplace for creators, artists, musicians and videographers to get their feet wet. And maintain their catalogs.


Minting for ART, MUSIC, PODCAST, PDF (Books), VIDEO and INTERACTIVE NFTs. Innovative blind exchanges for gratis music and video downloads. Always with the option to bid or purchase rare or series-based NFTs.