Get Started

Learn some basic workflow and capabilities of the DNLD dApp.


Connecting to your portfolio by using the 'Connect Wallet' button. DNLD offers Metamask, Coinbase, WalletConnect and more.

Once you are connected to the platform, click on the multi-colored icon next to the cart icon. From here you can view your items, listings, and any offers made for your NFTs, activities and wallet balances. You can also add funds to your wallet and view all crypto currencies in your wallet.


One of the most powerful tools at DNLD is the cross-chain search feature. You can search for collections and addresses across 10 blockchains. This is the most effective way to find and list your collection.

Common Use

Listing on DNLD is free. Cancelling a listing incurs gas fees. By listing on DNLD, you can offer your NFT to the world from 1 hour to 6 months. This is a great way to get started and bulk up your minting activities elsewhere. Currently minting is not available at DNLD.

Initial Action Outcome
Cataloguing Collections (portfolios) Use Wallet Address or Contract Address cross-chain Authentication
Monitoring Your catalog activities, NFT listing and Bids Centralized
Transact Purchase, List and Accept offers (sell) NFTs Marketplace

DNLD Authentic Centralized Marketplace is a one-stop solution for buying and selling goods and services. It allows users to easily list their items, receive offers and accept them, as well as transact securely with buyers. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the market, allowing users to make informed decisions when buying or selling.

Advanced Usage

Use your listings to market and promote audio singles, and artwork. Run campaigns on social networks or leverage an online service like Linktree. These advanced uses are designed to help you expand your reach and gain more attention for your audio singles and artwork. By launching campaigns on networks or using an online service, you can create more visibility for your music and increase your chances of selling rare singles.

Mint a collection and name it the single off your upcoming album. Drop your vocal and instrumental tracks a few weeks apart. Give your loyal fans the first chance to hear and download the song. Depending on your fanbase size, and how much you list the single for. There's a good chance you'll earn some money.

DNLD is a direct way, without third-parties for artists to sell their works. Additionally, DNLD is a cost-effective way to release your music, as you have full control over the price and where the music comes from. A clearly authentic, transparent and direct way to transact. DNLD is therefore a reliable and efficient way for artists to market, promote and sell their music direct-to-fans.


Future-proofing DNLD comes with challenges and barriers. DNLD looks to overcome its first series of barriers.

  • Mint NFTs: Allow users to mint, send and burn NFTs from their account page
  • Custom account page: Allow users to customize account page. Photo, website, banner image and social connections (mastadon etc..)
  • Bulk list collections:Enable collection owner to list several NFTs at one-time

Check out our roadmap to stay informed and vote on upcoming advancements at DNLD