DNLD DApp offers a marketplace for selling non-fungible tokens at fixed prices or through auctions.


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Audio NFTs

The cornerstone of the DNLD marketplace are Audio NFTs. Audio files that can be bought and sold through the DNLD platform. They offer a way for artists to monetize their work and for collectors to acquire unique digital items. DNLD provides a platform for artists to sell their works securely and for collectors to find them.

DNLDs' Ecosystem

Where audio attached to NFTs can be used and shared freely. DNLD's platform also enables artists to monetize their content by selling it to the public. DNLD also provides a multi-blockchain platform for artists to list and sell minted virtual products, such as virtual concert tickets and merchandise as NFTs.

Marketing and Promoting

Music, musicians and creatives. DNLD's platform is designed to give artists a space to reach a wide audience. It provides them with the ability to monetize their content in a variety of ways. This includes selling music, virtual products, artworks and merchandise as NFTs.

Becoming the #1 platform

For audio NFTs and music tech innovation. DNLD's platform allows artists to share their music, but also sell their music in the form of NFTs. This allows them to create digital scarcity for their music and create a revenue stream.

Audio Documents (Audocs)

Developed and deployed DNLD to provide a platform where innovative music tech can be tested and developed, making it a leader in the music space. Authenticated music for artists who create and monetize their works transparently.

DNLDs' vision

To revolutionize the music space by creating an accessible and thriving audio NFT market. DNLD's platform provides a secure and reliable platform for artists to sell and share their music. It also provides a platform for audio NFTs to be bought and sold.

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  • Enabled cross-chain managment of portfolios
  • Enabled Listing a NFT
  • Enabled NFT listing cancellation
  • Enabled WalletConnect